The summer semiannual training covered various pictures in the last chapters of Leviticus after the first seven chapters covered in the winter training. For those who would like to join in this study there will be a Holy Word for Morning Revival covering the training coming out later this month.  We will post a link for this when it comes out.

The Old Testament is a figurative portrait containing many types, figures, shadows, promises and prophesies.  The New Testament is the practical fulfillment in Christ as the reality of the types, shadows and figures mentioned in the Old Testament. These types, figures and shadows are not just something that happened long ago, but they are something that can be experienced by the believers in their experiences of Christ and the Church. Many of the promises and prophesies also refer to our present experiences in the present time.

Thanksgiving Conference

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Dates: November 22-25, 2018


Special Fellowship Audio Recording
The audio recording of the special fellowship given by Brother Ron Kangas to the North Orange County young people is available online at

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